Project planning

By Benoit Simonneau

Each project is unique and tailored to your needs based on a synergy of human ethics, architecture, materials, uses and movements.

Our product ranges are just the starting point for a thought process carried out with all project stakeholders to ensure that we grasp a place's unique characteristics, colours and atmosphere. A multimedia library that rationalises its books, aisles, areas and vertical space can be perceived in an alternative, subtler manner. Some prefer making books, CDs and albums the stars, with everything else quasi invisible so that the books look as if they are suspended in air, while others prefer a warm and convivial atmosphere, using furniture with wooden or colourful hues that define and separate the space into different areas.

More specifically, we provide advice that is suited to your ambitions. Your local contact and our research and design department propose design solutions along with advice on furniture choices and colours.

Our research and design department consists of 2 designers, 3 technicians and 4 CAD artists, who design, produce and help you with your products and interior design projects. We use architectural plans in .dwg format to make precise and realistic 2D and 3D interior design projects.