The company
and its values

By Denis Papin

Created in 1988 by Mr Denis Papin, DPC has been specialising in furniture for public sector spaces and libraries. The family business, established in Bressuire in Deux Sèvres, has been growing ever since. Thanks to dynamic and ambitious management based on manufacturing with local partners, the DPC Group today provides over 350 jobs.

This original organisation uniting design, marketing and manufacturing has given rise to the values and assets which are central to our success:

  • Exchanging and sharing: dialogue, listening, advising, proximity, friendliness. 
  • Respect: for people and commitments undertaken.
  • Competence: recognised and certified quality, supervised manufacturing, French production.
  • Creativity: through innovation, design and communication.

In order to better meet your needs, DPC offers a complete service without intermediaries. Twenty exclusive sales representatives operate throughout France to establish long-term partnerships and support you in bringing your projects to life. This direct link with the administrative team and the research department offers effective support for carrying out your interior design projects.

DPC is also about strong, respected commitments to reassure clients: 10-year product guarantees, availability guarantees, timeliness, dispute handling etc.

Our manufacturing process is the indicator for the quality and reliability of our products.  By focusing on local production, we guarantee French manufacturing and have perfectly mastered each stage of the production cycle. Our many certifications attest to the quality of our products.

Finally, our strength lies in our desire to innovate and anticipate your needs. By integrating design into the company's approach, DPC has opted to offer products which stand out in a market where the offer is uniform. This is a winning approach since design is an unquestionable strategic asset for the company, today recognised for its boldness and its constant process of innovation.