By Benoit Simonneau

Environment, sustainable development and CO² are all terms that we use on a daily basis at DPC. 

At DPC, we have been prioritising environmental protection for several years. Every year we offer our clients more products which respond to these demands, as shown by the recent market launch of the eco-designed EPSY range, designed in partnership with the FCBA.

Our fully integrated method of operations greatly facilitates our work process. We started over 20 years ago as a family business and we try to perpetuate this mindset in our relationships with clients and suppliers. This is why today all our manufacturing units are located less than 40 km from our company headquarters.

This proximity, as well as the responsiveness it offers, gives us complete control at every stage of the product's life cycle, thus ensuring regulatory compliance.

From product creation to delivery, DPC employees make a firm commitment to protect the environment:

  • By eco-designing products to reduce their environmental footprint (packaging optimisation, using recycled and recyclable materials etc.)
  • By sorting waste and recycling paper and cardboard at the company headquarters and upon completion of each project.
  • By participating in setting up a dismantling and recycling system for Valdelia furniture.
  • By respecting standards in force as evidenced by obtaining the PEFC and NF environmental labels.
  • By producing locally
  • By publishing our documentation at an "Imprim’vert" (Jolly Imprimeur) certified printing company.
  • By adhering to the logistics process "CO² Objective. Carriers commit".
  • By receiving training in eco-driving.
  • By creating products following the concept of eco-design (Epsy range)